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Reelvision Print supports clinical trials with fast and flexible service

We all know that scientists and medical professionals around the world are working and collaborating tirelessly to develop Covid-19 treatments and vaccines. At the same time, they must also advance the treatments for other health conditions that are in their pipelines. These efforts are critical for both overcoming the immediate crisis and ensuring that the human race can emerge stronger from it.

At Reelvision Print, we understand that timelines are critical when it comes to testing a potentially lifesaving or life changing Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP). Packaging and labelling of an IMP is complex as the industry is governed by strict rules and regulations.

As a specialist in this field, Reelvision Print provides the reassurance of being one of only ten packaging suppliers in the UK certified to PS9000:2016 pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice. Consequently, we have found ourselves being increasingly called upon to produce fast-track packaging solutions for a number of clinical trials, not just for COVID-19 but for a wide range of other health conditions.

For instance, our team was recently commissioned to produce a bespoke cardboard carton to hold and protect three labelled one-millilitre vials of IMP. Our client also wanted to avoid using a plastic fitment inside the carton in favour or a more sustainable and economical alternative. Finally, this project had to be turned around very quickly to avoid causing any unnecessary delays to the clinical trial.

Within just 24 hours, we designed, created and delivered a packaging prototype. This was easy to open and included a cardboard fitment with three made to measure holes, designed to hold the vials securely within the carton. Our client was surprised with how robust this cardboard fitment was as their initial thought was to use a foam insert, instead of plastic, as they assumed this would be more secure.

Following our client’s approval of Reelvision’s cardboard prototype, our team manufactured and delivered all 200 units required within a four-day lead time. This was very fast considering that two new cutters (one for the carton and the other for the fitment) had to be ordered to complete the run.

“Now more than ever, pharmaceutical and clinical trial companies are wanting to work with a reliable packaging partner who can demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety as well as the flexibility to meet tight deadlines,” explains Deborah Greenwood, Sales Director at Reelvision Print.

“Hygiene and preventing cross-contamination were already a huge part of our everyday controls in meeting the requirements of PS9000:2016 and ISO9001:2015. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also adopted a number of additional procedures such as operating with social distancing and an even stricter cleaning regime,” she continues.

Reelvision’s standard lead time is ten working days, which is considered fast within the industry. However, since the end of March we have shortened this to four or even three days for pharmaceutical clients in order to meet timelines for clinical trials and also to keep up with demand for certain medicines.

Our unique one-pass printing process, combined with the commitment of our hardworking team, enables us to offer this speed and flexibility. At the beginning of July, our team pulled out all the stops once again when faced with an urgent order for a COVID-19 related clinical trial. On this occasion, we received the order at 10.00am on Tuesday and delivered at 10.00am the following day.