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Reelvision Print In Line For Top Packaging Awards

Such a simple solution to shelf ready packaging has earned Reelvision print a place in the UK packing awards for 2014.

The Traktray, designed for auto-packing in the most efficient way, with the minimum spend on material, in-line with the TrakRap machine. The Traktray has been accepted as environmentally sustainable, easy for the supermarkets to load and has been adopted by a UK leading healthcare provider.

Being shortlisted for the packaging awards helped reinforce the need for environmentally sustainable, efficient shelf ready packs.

Reelvision has built its strong reputation on high quality pharmaceutical and healthcare cartons, delivered with first class service. Posed with the challenge of reducing the number of trays, plastic and carton board, and improving efficiency in storage, packing and the aesthetics, Reelvision found the complete solution. Introducing TrakRap, the manufacturer of a unique secondary packaging system as an alternative to shrink wrapping, the three companies quickly found the ideal solution. Working closely with the client two machines were installed to pack onto the Reelvision Traktray, this new installation has minimised waste, reduced carbon emissions and been a hit with the supermarkets earning its place in the shortlist for Resource efficient pack of the year.