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Reelvision Expansion Complete

Seven years ago when Reelvision was being established, the big dilemma was finding a building that would be secure in its own grounds and allow for the growth plan outlined in their ten year business plan. The unit in Haslingden Lancashire seemed perfect for their manufacturing process flow, it could accommodate the demands of PS9000, be secure in its own lock up grounds and with an acre of land there was room to expand the operation.

Soon after its birth the single production line was given a twin sister and production capacity doubled. Following seven years of sustained growth and to fit the business philosophy of a ‘Sales driven and production led’ organisation, the next wave of development has been completed with a 4000sq.ft extension to the building and a mezzanine floor to add a further 3000sq.ft to the exiting footprint.

Bakewell (MD of Reelvision) has always believed that service is the key to the success of Reelvision and has never wanted to be faced with demand that cannot be met with the speedy and efficient service that Reelvision has built its reputation on. To this end the investment in Reelvision has always happened before making customer commitments ensuring they deliver on time, in full, all the time and every time.

The question now is how to utilise all this space? That’s still open to debate and future investment in the latest kit is being looked at from every angle. Watch this space and we will keep you posted. In the meantime perhaps we should have a roller disco!?