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Proud Moment for Reelvision Seeing Nursem’s TV Success

Proud Moment for Reelvision Seeing Nursem's TV Success

Reelvision Print was bursting with pride when watching one of their long-standing customers gaining well-deserved recognition for both product innovation and quality on national television last month.

As the sole carton supplier to Nursem’s extensive range of natural and effective skincare formulas, seeing their growth has been rewarding, to say the least. Deborah Greenwood, Reelvision’s Sales Director has worked closely with Nursem from the start explaining,

“The priorities identified for Nursem are quality and speed. We knew our board and print would deliver a high-quality finish within the carton box packaging however, we also wanted the cartons to feel both strong yet soft, reflecting the formulas. To do this we used our premium SBS board and opted for a super matt varnish finish. The brand has a very distinctive colour pallet, and the colour match must be consistent through-out the print run from one batch to the next, something Reelvision are masters at.”

Deborah continues,

“The second main priority was the unit numbers, we needed to maintain flexibly but speed on production and delivery. As with all new product launches, initial production numbers are small but can balloon quite quickly, it was imperative we maintained pace with Nursem’s growth and expansion of their formulation range. I’m pleased to say we have never let them down on both fronts.”

Nursem’s idea was born in 2009, skyrocketed in 2019 when securing distribution agreements with Boots and the rest is just history, a history which Reelvision is proud to be a part of.