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New Zund CAD Machine For Bespoke Sampling And Design

To help service our customer and keep pace with the speed that we aim to offer, Reelvision Print have made further investment into CAD sampling and design. Offering bespoke, blank, mock-ups within a short time frame will improve the work flow and subsequently shorten the lead-time. Reelvision are arguably the fastest to market once PDF’s have been approved and it was important to the team to help improve time scales prior to PDF stage, right at the front end, and prior to receiving the artwork to ensure that we help get a project moving within 24 hours.

The ideal is to take a sample of the product that needs either decorative or protective packaging and build the cad sample around the product. Recognising that actual samples are not available, especially when it’s a clinical regulated pharmaceutical product such as a syringe or vial with controlled drugs inside, it’s not always possible to have the actual product to build the packaging around. With the in-house cad sampling, this will allow us to play with design until we create a perfect carton in both terms of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that closures are perfect, that the size shape and form of the box is spot on before the customer has committed to a cutting form.

Reelvision’s Dan Leaper who joined the team six years ago, came with the experience to step into the role and lead the way on both the creative design and technical experience, coupled with the knowledge of what customers need and how to make a carton that is functional and efficient for Reelvision to manufacture.

The New Zund Cad machine produces top quality cutting and creasing, giving crisp carton, sleeve or wallet samples. This key-line is then used to create the final cutting tool ensuring precision of the bulk production run.