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Mill Visit Report

It’s easy to forget that our packaging started life as a tree, so a visit to the mill for customers and staff really helped cement our understanding.

Iggusund Board Mill in Workington is the only UK manufacturer of high quality virgin fibre paperboard for use in the packaging and graphics sectors. They accommodated our customers for a day out in the forest, who watched the managed woodlands being felled and re-planted, followed by a tour of the facility.

The vast scale of the manufacturing plant is breath-taking and the noise is incredible. Such intense operations result in a massive volume of Incada folding box board.

Yvonne added to her knowledge of the carton industry by going to the source of the carton, seeing how it starts its journey from the seedling being plated, the tree growing and being felled (around 35 years on) and the delivery into the board mill for conversion.

Although it may look fine, the weather was wet!