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Bring Me Sunshine

As a carton printer based in Lancashire the power of the sun is not what automatically springs to mind. However, with one eye on the future and our long term commitment to the environment, coupled with the spiralling costs of energy, it was a relatively easy decision to invest in 176 solar panels to help improve our efficiency, reduce our carbon foot print and sell power back to the grid.

After discussions and an onsite analysis by Life Long Energy limited, the feasibility was very positive and it is estimated that the pay-back time on our investment would be reaped within six years. (give or take the cloud cover)

Life Long Energy then provided the full turn key solution and allowed Reelvision Print to get on with what we do best, print cartons, whilst the team of solar panel engineers fit the 176 panels on the south facing side of the building.

Now up and running, we are still generating power even on the cloudy days, and as we waltz into the summer months and the sun beams down, we are harvesting its rays and making hay (well energy) whilst the sun shines. Clean, free and sustainable how can this not be worth doing?