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All Clear!

As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging, Reelvision adheres to strict operating procedures to ensure it delivers the highest degree of quality with a strong focus on continuous improvement. This committed needs to be regularly challenged to guarantee standards are maintained and where possible, enhancements are implemented. It is therefore important that an external independent assessor is contracted to audit the operation.

In May 2023 BSI conducted a detailed analysis of Reelvision’s ISO 9001 / PS9000 Management Quality Standard. This was the 3rd audit which formed part of a 3-year audit cycle.

The objective of the assessment is to conduct a surveillance assessment and look for positive evidence to verify that elements of the scope of certification and the requirements of the management standard are effectively addressed by the organization’s management system; that the system is demonstrating the ability to support the achievement of statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements and the organization’s specified objectives as applicable with regard to the scope of the management standard; to confirm the ongoing achievement and applicability of the forward strategic plan.

Hosted by Paul Sharples the Reelvision Quality Manager, BSI spent a full day assessing the companies documented management system with relation to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, PS 9000:2016. The conclusion found that there were no non-conformances to report and no actions required which was excellent news!

The next BSI audit is now planned for November 2023.