Case Study

The Client

June 2023 will see the fifth anniversary of Lancashire based brand Scentish, where it all started from utilising a home kitchen space to experiment with the making of the popular ‘bath bomb.’

Scentish have come a long way since, winning the Rossendale Independent retailer Medium business award and becoming finalists for the impressive Red Rose Awards in 2022.

After a chance LinkedIn connection, we came on board to support Scentish with Carton design and manufacture to help with their quest for further success.

We caught up with founder Nicola and her partner Sean.

Tell us a little bit about the brand?

“We are a small Northern business who started out in June 2018, with Nicola who had been working with bath bombs and related products, so she knew little bit about the industry. We used our kitchen in our home to start experimenting with ingredients and realised we had a bit of a flare for it.

After about a year of growth, I eventually decided to leave my previous job in recruitment, and we went full throttle. We can fortunately say we have made over 1 million bath bombs in the last year alone, so things are going well.”

The Product

Scentish manufacture four main product lines.

Bath experience products for example their classic best-selling bath bomb, where they promote a fun-filled bath experience through the manufacture of colourful, eye-catching and inviting scented bath products. Specially formulated body products to help with skin issues, thoroughly moisturising shower products for example the infamous Unicorn shower whip and lastly home fragrances to enhance the aromas in your home.

Aiming to attract a female audience predominantly of an age range between 18 and 60 years, Scentish have assured that their products remain up to date in meeting current market expectations.

“All our products are Vegan and cruelty-free, we test on humans, not animals. Our products aren’t just for the standard cleaning experience, we are experimenting with ingredients that improve skin conditions such as Castor oils so that we can help to improve dermatology related issues too. In the not-too-distant future, we want to venture into the Skincare and Beauty industries.”

The release of a Fragrance line hits both the target market and ventures into new territory.

The Brief

Fragrances. Think Chic, sensual, sophisticated and alluring.

With seductive aromas, Scentish’s latest production of Fragrances set a classy tone. A clear rectangular shaped glass bottle with a pristine white label.

“Our products don’t normally come boxed but given our desire to lead into the beauty and skincare sector, this was a good practise run for our first Carton design and manufacture with Reelvision Print. We wanted to work with a local business and we had heard great things.”

The Solution

Using the exceptional SBS board, we created a reverse tuck end Carton that features a stabilising foot, bold design work, and a quality matt varnish to give it a stand-out shelf presence.

Scentish requested matt and spot gloss varnish, so we worked with this to achieve the desired highly premium look.

“It was such an easy and reliable process. Reelvision Print supported us with our CAD design process to ensure smooth running, all whilst honouring their leading ten-day turnaround time. We were super happy with the rapid outcome and we could not find a single fault within the process.”

Thanks to Scentish for allowing us to be a part of their incredible journey so far.