Case Study
Project Lip

The Client

Project Lip has become a cult name in just a few short years since its launch, with the recognisable cosmetic company rapidly taking over the world one Instagram at a time with almost 50 thousand followers… and where did it start? In Rawtenstall, Lancashire with Joy Howieson who quit her job as a teacher to follow her business instinct and passion.

Over the course of three years, she created a pout-plumping matte balm that can now be found at many UK retailers, including Pretty Little Thing, and has even made its way overseas to giant US retailers Urban Outfitters and Revolve.

She’s since expanded her range to include coloured primers, lipglosses, nourishing scrubs and masks, providing a prepped and plumped effect for customers’ lips by using an incredibly hot chilli within her formulas.

Reelvision Print has been Project Lip’s go to packaging supplier since the beginning,

providing quality cartons for all of Joy’s products as she continues to grow her cosmetic line.

The Challenge

In a competitive industry Joy wanted to make sure her packaging stood out and represented the quality and price of her products, which typically fall between £10-£15, whilst also sticking within her budget.

She said: “I love packaging, so I really wanted to work with someone who embraced my love to get involved and Deborah Greenwood really did that.

She got me in, sat me down and talked me through all of my options, from different thicknesses of the board to embossing, and what was possible with the design I had brought in and the budget I had in mind.”

Joy decided on a contemporary orange and white design which evoked a strong brand identity. This produced a challenge, however, due to orange being one of most difficult colours to print consistently across normal production processes. However, that wasn’t a problem for the Reelvision team.

Project Lip

The Solution

Using state-of-the-art printing with pantone colours, we ensured consistency and repeatability for Joy’s vivid orange cartons. On both the face and the inside of the pack.

Project Lip

Our processes use conventional ink rather than digital in order to provide a much sharper range and depth of colour. When printing the team uses a spectrophotometer, an instrument that measures the concentration of a colour, to ensure consistency throughout the entire batch and repeated batches.

Reelvision Print specialises in high-quality, low volume folded printed cartons and therefore we were able to get Joy’s cartons ready for her as and when she needed them. Further, with it being a cosmetic line, we were able to offer quality assurance as all areas of our production complies with ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standard and PS 9000: 2016 pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice.