Case Study
Prime Fifty

The Client

Did you know that the vast majority of adults do not get their recommended daily dose of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients? This is what motivated Max Gowland, a Doctor in biochemistry to create Prime Fifty, an innovative brand of nutritional supplements designed primarily to help those over the age of 50 (hence the name).

Since establishing Prime Fifty in 2015, Doctor Max has created a series of unique formulations to target the common side effects of ageing. Appearing regularly on the QVC home shopping channel, Doctor Max has become a trusted voice on age-related health issues. Prime Fifty also earned the title of Best Senior Nutritional Supplements Provider at the 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards.

Reelvision Print has been there from the beginning having designed the secondary packaging for a number of the brand’s initial supplements, including Fighting Fatigue, Strong Bones and Healthy Joints. Our approach and shared commitment to quality has led Prime Fifty to become one of our most loyal clients.

The Product

“Our customers increasingly asked us for a beauty range, so we came up with Beauty from Inner Health featuring our 14-day supply of Collagen Shots for hair, skin and nails,” explains Doctor Max, Founder and Managing Director of Prime Fifty.

Designed to keep you looking young and feeling good, this citrus flavoured oral gel provides nourishment and protection from within. Its advanced age-specific multi-nutrient formulation comprises high strength collagen peptides along with the most essential vitamins, minerals, natural extracts and other scientifically researched ingredients.

Like other Prime Fifty supplements, the Collagen Shots were to be launched and predominantly sold through the QVC home shopping channel. Doctor Max was also keen to break into the beauty and cosmetics sector by securing additional online selling opportunities and shelf space with luxury retailers.

The Brief

It was for this launch that Reelvision Print was commissioned to design yet another bespoke packaging solution for Prime Fifty. Each cardboard carton had to hold and display 14 individual foil sachets securely.

“Reelvision’s track record of successfully delivering other Prime Fifty projects, combined with our expertise in pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics packaging, made us the ideal partner for this crossover product,” says Deborah Greenwood, Sales Director at Reelvision Print.

Presentation was key as Prime Fifty’s Collagen Shots had to appeal to consumers across a variety of selling platforms, including television. On QVC, Prime Fifty products are usually introduced by a host who also interviews Doctor Max by video link. Throughout the segment, the product can be seen on display within its packaging, so the printed folding carton had to perform both functionally and aesthetically.

The Solution

Within 48 hours of receiving the brief, our experienced Computer Aided Design (CAD) team created a cardboard secondary packaging prototype using supplied artwork. Reelvision’s stylish concept was quickly approved by Prime Fifty and the launch order of 2,000 units immediately went into production.

Resembling a luxurious gift box, the printed folding carton we created opens easily to reveal a window insert, or fitment, designed to hold two neat rows of Collagen Shot sachets. The artwork for the fitment and outer has a lot of clean, clinical white space so a crisp solid board was chosen. This also ensures the box is sturdy enough to be displayed on its side when presented on QVC.

Prime Fifty

Finally, the carton is printed with a contrasting high lustrous gold that is spot varnished with a gloss, which really stands out against the matt varnish on the white area.

Reelvision’s state-of-the-art printing process, combined with our detailed register, ensures the look and quality of all future orders are identical. Deborah explains: “We use conventional ink and not digital, which means the range and depth of colour is much sharper. Our team controls and measures the colour and has the back up of a spectrophotometer to ensure it is consistent every time.”

She continues: “With regards to quality, Reelvision provides further assurance as all of our production complies with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standard and ISO 9000: 2016 pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice. We also pride ourselves on our ability to help small businesses as we specialise in low volume.”

Being able to order the quantities they need, when they need them, helps Prime Fifty and other clients to ease their cash flow, reduce storage costs and avoid build-up of redundant stock.