Case Study
Nursem Hand Cream

The Client

Our NHS hospitals are full of thousands of nurses often working overtime, not taking breaks, all to ensure their patients are being cared for. So, who’s looking after our nurses? Skincare brand Nursem is doing just that, with their mission to help all NHS healthcare professionals with free hand care by 2025.

Stocked in national stores such as Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy, the idea for Nursem’s hand cream was born on a paediatric ward in 2009 when co-founder Antonia would often come home to her family with sore, flaking and often bleeding hands from rigorous hand washing requirements. This is an issue affecting nearly all healthcare professionals so, alongside her husband Jonny, Antonia dedicated 7 years towards working on a formula for a natural effective hand cream that could be used throughout shifts.

With the global pandemic, Nursem’s work has become even more important for both the general public and healthcare professionals who are damaging their hands even more through constant washing. The company recently conducted a survey with 772 nursing professionals and found, on average, healthcare workers were washing their hands around twice as much as before the pandemic – with 90% of respondents saying they had seen a worsening in the condition of their hands.

Since the company’s retail launch in 2019, Nursem has relied on Reelvision Print as their go-to packaging partner for their Caring Hand Cream and Caring Skin Fix products.

The Challenge

Nursem hand creams are considered premium compared to other hand creams typically found in Boots, and therefore the company felt its packaging needed to match this.

Jonny Philp, Co-founder of Nursem, explained: “We spent a lot of time on the branding and we didn’t want it to fall down at the end. That’s the final thing the customer gets to touch and feel, so it was important that we were working with someone who made sure that the colours, the weight of the board and finish was just right.”

The Solution

With Reelvision’s business built round a core group of quality and production specialists, we were able to create high quality cartons for both of the products. The colour of the Caring Hand Cream carton perfectly reflected the typical colour of scrubs found at hospitals – a colour that has been consistent across many batches thanks to our revolutionary printing processes.

With the idea the cream could be used during hospital shifts, we were able to offer Nursem assurance that all areas of our production complied with PS 9000: 2016 pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice.

Jonny said: “The fact that Reelvision worked in pharmacy ticked a huge box for us, as we know pharmacy is a step up compared to cosmetics – you can’t make mistakes if you’re producing pharmacy packaging. We also look at Nursem through a different lens compared to most skincare businesses – we try and push our formulas to be as close to the boundary with medicine as possible.”