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Basic Carton Guide Lines

How to measure your carton

Front panel, side panel followed by the glue seem. The above would be measured as 38 x 38 x 84

Carton Styles

Standard reverse tuck carton

The most common style of box, useful for many small to medium size products from vitamins, cosmetics and toiletries through to medicine bottles and ampoules

Crash lock base carton

Ideal for carrying products with a little extra weight, machine or hand erected quickly. Used for larger medicine bottle, larger packs of blisters, veterinary products, wound dressings and cartons with fitments.


Machine erectable cartons often used for blister pack filling in the pharmaceutical industry, sealed on line by the packaging machine. This version has a tare strip for ease of opening.

Opposite Tuck End carton with Euro-slot hanging tab and fitment

Used for general use across all market sectors, sometimes referred to as Aeroplane tuck. This version has a push in section and is designed to hold a thermometer.

Un-Glued display tray

Used for counter top displays in all industries. this carton is hand erected, this has tapered sides and shallow front edge to get maximum display area of the inner product.

Reelvision TrakTray

Shelf ready shipper to hold packs securely in transit and sit on supermarket shelf, using the very minimum amount of material and the front face being open, this SRP is both economical and aesthetically does not interfere with your pack graphics. Used with the Trakrap wrapping system is the ideal solution for a comlete supermarket ready transit pack.